How To Clear Codes On Polaris Sportsman

The Polaris Sportsman is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle that is produced by Polaris Industries. The code reader is used to diagnose and clear engine codes on the Polaris Sportsman. The code reader plugs into the diagnostic connector under the dash. The code reader will display the code number, freeze frame data, and fault codes. To clear the codes, press and hold the “clear” button on the code reader for three seconds.

How To Clear Codes On Polaris Sportsman

There are a few ways to clear codes on Polaris Sportsman vehicles. One way is to use the key fob to enter diagnostic mode. To do this, hold down the unlock button and then press the power button. The four-digit code will appear in the odometer. Enter this code to clear the codes. Another way is to use the Polaris Diagnostic Tool (PDT). This tool can be purchased from Polaris dealerships. The final way is to remove the battery cables

-Troubleshooting code reader -Shop manual for your vehicle -Multimeter -Isopropyl alcohol -Q-tips -Paper clip

  • turn ignition off 2. hold down odometer button 3. turn ignition on while holding down odometer button 4. when “code cleared” displays, release odometer button

– How to clear codes on Polaris Sportsman: 1. Turn the key off and wait a few seconds. 2. Turn the key back on and hold the brake pedal down. 3. Press and hold the power button until the check engine light goes out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Wrench Mean On An Atv?

A wrench is a tool that is used to tighten or loosen bolts or nuts. It can also be used as a lever to pry something open.

How Do You Reset The Wrench On A Honda Atv?

The Honda ATV wrench is reset by loosening the bolt on the wrench and rotating it to the desired position. The bolt is then tightened to hold the wrench in place.

How Do You Clear A Polaris Code?

There are a few ways to clear a Polaris code, but the most common is to remove the battery for a few minutes.

How Do You Reset The Wrench Light On A 2005 Polaris Sportsman?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it may vary depending on the make and model of your Polaris Sportsman. However, many people have had success resetting the wrench light by cycling the power (turning the machine off then on again). If this does not work, you may need to seek out specific instructions for your particular model.

How Do I Reset My Honda Wrench?

To reset the Honda wrench, you must first remove the battery cover. Next, locate the reset button and hold it down for three seconds. Finally, replace the battery cover and test the wrench.

How Do You Reset A Polaris Sportsman?

To reset a Polaris Sportsman, hold down the brake and accelerator pedals and turn the key to the “on” position. Then, release the brake pedal and press it again. Hold the key in the “on” position for three seconds before releasing it.

What Does The Wrench Symbol Mean On A Polaris Sportsman?

The wrench symbol is the service indicator on a Polaris Sportsman. It means that the vehicle needs service.


There are a few ways to clear codes on Polaris Sportsman. The first is to use the diagnostic link tool. The second is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. The third is to use the key cycle method.

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