How To Clear History On Samsung A50

The Samsung A50 is a great phone with a lot of features, but like all phones, it can slow down over time. One way to speed it up is to clear the history on the phone. This will delete all of the data that the phone has been storing, such as website visits, app use, and more. Doing this can free up space on the phone and make it run faster.

How To Clear History On Samsung A50

There are a few ways to clear history on the Samsung A50. One way is to go to the Settings menu and select ‘Privacy and safety’. Then, under ‘Privacy settings’, select ‘Clear history’. Another way is to open the browser app and go to the Menu button (three lines in the top left corner). Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy and security’. Finally, under ‘Clear browsing data’, select ‘History’ and ‘Clear’.

To clear your device’s history on a Samsung Galaxy A50: 1. Open the Settings menu. 2. Scroll down and select “Privacy and security”. 3. Select “Clear history”. 4. Select the items you want to clear, then select “Clear”.

  • Tap on “settings.”
  • On the device’s main screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Tap on “privacy and security.”
  • Tap on “clear history.” confirm by tapping on

– To clear history on Samsung A50, navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Privacy and security’. – Under ‘Privacy and security’, tap on ‘Clear browsing data’. – A pop-up will appear, select the type of data you want to clear and tap on ‘CLEAR DATA’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clear Google History On Samsung A50?

To clear your Google history on the Samsung A50: 1. Open your device’s Settings app. 2. Scroll down and tap Privacy and security. 3. Tap Clear browsing data. 4. Select the types of data you want to delete. 5. Tap Clear data.

How Do I Completely Clear My Google Search History?

To completely clear your Google search history, you can delete your entire Google search history. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Open your Web browser and go to 2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the three stacked lines to open the menu. 3. Select History from the menu. 4. On the History page, under “Past searches,” select the check box next to “All time.” 5. At the top of the page, select Delete items. 6. In the dialog box that opens, select Delete search history.

How Do I Clear Cache On Samsung A50?

Cache is a temporary storage area on your device where previously accessed data is stored. Clearing cache on Samsung A50 can help resolve some performance issues and free up storage space. To clear cache on Samsung A50, go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and press Clear.

How Do I Clear Cookies On My Samsung A50 Phone?

To clear cookies on your Samsung a50 phone, you will need to go to your phone’s settings. From there, you will need to select ‘Privacy and Security’ and then ‘Cookies’. Finally, you will need to select ‘Delete Cookies’.

How Do I Clear My Google Search History On My Samsung Phone?

To clear your Google search history on your Samsung phone, open the Google app and tap the Menu button. Then, select Settings and Privacy. Finally, tap Clear Browsing Data and select the data you want to delete.

How Do I Delete Google History On Samsung A50?

On Samsung A50, to delete your Google history: Go to Settings > Accounts > Google. Tap the Menu icon (three vertical dots) and select “Delete activity by.” Under “My Activity,” select the time period for which you want to delete history, then tap “Delete.”

In The End

To clear history on Samsung A50, open the Settings app and go to General management > Storage > Clear data. Then tap Clear cache and Clear history.

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