How To Clear Memory On Relion Prime Meter

The Relion Prime meter is a handheld device used to measure blood glucose levels. To clear the memory on the Relion Prime meter, you will need to delete all of the data that has been stored on the meter.

How To Clear Memory On Relion Prime Meter

Relion Prime meters come with a number of features to help users manage their diabetes. One such feature is the ability to clear the meter’s memory. This can be useful if there are any errors or inconsistencies in the data that has been recorded, or if the user wants to start fresh with a new logbook. Clearing the meter’s memory is a simple process: 1) Turn on the Relion Prime meter and press the “Clear Memory” button. 2

-A relion prime meter -A computer with internet access -The relion prime meter software -An email account

  • To clear memory on relion prime meter, hold down the “mode” and “enter” buttons while powering on the meter
  • Press the “
  • A message will display on the screen that reads “reset memory?”

form -To clear the memory on a Relion Prime meter: -1. Hold down the “Mode” and “Zero” buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds, until “CLEAR MEMORY?” appears on the screen. -2. Press the “Yes” button to clear the memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Contour Next Glucose Meter?

There is a reset button on the back of the meter. To reset the meter, press and hold the reset button until the meter resets.

How Do You Reset A Glucose Meter?

Some meters can be reset by pressing a button on the meter, while others may need to be reset using a specific sequence of buttons. Reset instructions can usually be found in the meter’s user manual.

Can You Delete Blood Sugar Readings?

Yes, you can delete blood sugar readings.

How Do You Delete Accu Chek Data?

To delete the Accu Chek data on your device: 1.From the main screen, select ‘Settings.’ 2.Scroll to and select ‘Data Management.’ 3.Select ‘Delete All.’

How Do I Reset My Accu Chek Instant?

To reset your Accu Chek Instant: 1. With the meter off, press and hold the “M” button for about 5 seconds until “RESET?” appears on the screen. 2. Press the “SELECT” button to reset your meter.

How Do I Reset My Glucometer?

To reset your glucometer, you will need to find the reset button on the device. This is usually a small, circular button located on the back or bottom of the meter. Once you have located the reset button, use a sharp object like a paper clip to press and hold the button in until the meter resets (usually takes 5-10 seconds).


There are a few ways to clear memory on the Relion Prime meter: one is to hold down the “Mem” button for about three seconds until the meter beeps; another is to go to the menu and select “Reset Memory.”

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